Business Contract Management System

IMPORTANT: Do not begin performance until you have a Fully Executed Contract.

All units who are working with the BCBP for their contracting needs, must use the Business Contracts Management System (BCMS) to submit their request. After having an initial discussion with your BCBP contact regarding your specific contracting needs, please log into BCMS (link is external) and initiate a new request using Chrome (you can also use Firefox or Internet Explorer.)

Here's a checklist of items you'll need to submit a contract:

  • Scope of Work (see below)
  • Payment and deliverable schedule
  • Templated contract if available
  • Any previous agreements

The Request must be approved by a Departmental MSO or above (Approver). This approval represents the authority of the department to enter into the proposed agreement. This approval must be done electronically via BCMS (link is external) (link is external). After the Requester or Preparer has created a Project, a Coordinator will need to approve the Project. The Coordinator will receive an automatic notification through BCMS, but it is a good practice for you to let your Coordinator know directly. Once the Coordinator approves of the Project, your Project will be assigned a unique number and placed in BCBP's Pending Requests queue.

When the Request is complete, click the Submit button, and your request will be assigned a unique number and placed in the Request queue.


The enhanced and user-friendly version of the Business Contracts Management System (BCMS) is now live. If you are interested in attending an in-person, hand-on training session, please send an email to (link sends e-mail).

Training Guides
The guides below will walk you through how to use the new functionality, based on the Contract Coordinator role and the Requester and  Preparer roles. 

BCMS Training Guide for Contract Coordinators
BCMS Training Guide for Requesters and Preparers

Scope of work

A scope of work (SOW) mitigates ambiguity and sets expectations ahead of time for all parties and is a good reference point for times where there may be disagreement between the parties. A SOW includes detailed information describing the nature of the work to be performed such as:

  • glossary (for all acronyms)
  • problem statement (1-2 paragraphs)
  • goals of the agreement
  • objectives and deliverables (milestones, format, content)
  • reporting and other administrative requirements (progress reports, meetings and the like)
  • equipment / material supplies (who provides what and when)
  • timeline with major milestones

Please view our BCBP Scope of Work Guide for more information.