Business Contracts and Brand Protection

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About BCBP

The Office of Business Contracts and Brand Protection (BCBP) oversees business contracts for the Berkeley campus and provides guidance on trademarks and intellectual property. Core to our values is conducting our operations in a socially responsible manner to further the University's mission of teaching, research and public service.

If you would like to see information relating to the Business Contracts processing, please go here.

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UC Business Contracts Collaborative Training Event

The UC Business Contracts Collaborative (UCBCC), of which BCBP is a member, is a UC system-wide working group composed of business contracts professionals.  The UCBCC unanimously agreed to support training to increase professional development, identify tools to mitigate risk, and provide consistent application of knowledge across campuses for UC business contracts professionals who are primarily responsible for contract review, drafting, negotiation, and/or administration and management.

There were approximately 135 in attendance at the UCOP sponsored event and participants came from UCOP, OGC, Agriculture and Natual Resources (ANR), Berkeley, Davis, San Francisco, LBNL, Merced, Santa Cruz, Irvine, Riverside, San Diego and Los Angeles. The training was well received, and prompted many thoughtful questions.

The speakers consisted of Rosemarie Rae (UC Berkeley's Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance and Chief Financial Officer), who kicked off the event by welcoming attendees, BCBP Director Maria Rubinshteyn, and UCBCC Chair Nida Niravanh, who introduced, Kathleen Quenneville (Principal Counsel in UCOP's Office of General Counsel) as the title speaker. Some of the topics covered included:

  • Pre-contract - non-disclosure agreement
  • Why have a contract? Why not just shake hands?
  • Use of Term Sheet in complicated business contracts
  • Term and terminatioin
  • Nature of relationship between parties
  • Intellectual property rights; Warranties/Disclaimer
  • Indemnification and Regents Standing Order 100.4(DD)(9)
  • Limitation of Liability and Insurance
  • Use of UC name and trademarks
  • EEO/ Affirmative Action
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations flow down

The feedback for the presentation was very positive and participants found it easy to understand, informative and worthwhile. This training will help the UC system take full advantage of the extraordinary revenue generating opportunities available, while ensuring that we minimize the risk exposure to our individual campuses.

For Berkeley attendees, the event served as a continuation of ongoing efforts by BCBP to clarify and improve the contracting process at Berkeley, which began with the development and implementation of the Guide to Contracting and Decision Tree.

Improved Business Contracts Management System

We are happy to announce that an enhanced and user-friendly version of the Business Contracts Management System (BCMS) is now live.

If you are interested in attending an in-person, hand-on training session, please send an email to

Berkeley Guide to Contracting

NEW:  The University of California, Berkeley Guide to Contracting, a step-by-step guide to creating, amending, executing, and terminating contracts on the Berkeley campus is now available.

Contracting Guide

Contracting at Berkeley

Contracting at Berkeley can be confusing as there is a wide variety of contracts for different purposes.  Click through for information on creating and executing University contracts and agreements.