Before engaging in any promotional activity that incorporates UC Berkeley’s registered name, trademark or other insignia, please contact BCBP or complete a Use of Trademark Request Form.

The University’s reputation and identity are reflected through the use of its name and identifying marks on merchandise and in the media, and BCBP exercises strict guidelines, maintains a vigilant watch over appropriate use of its valuable assets, and ensures compliance to relevant laws and policies.

BCBP promotes, and protects, worldwide, the use of the University's name, seal, icons, images, or landmarks ("trademarks") in a wide variety of media. These trademarks are among the intellectual property (IP) owned by The Regents of the University of California.

The University’s name and identifying marks are assets of the University that reflect quality and excellence. Inappropriate use of these assets could reflect negatively on the institution. Regulation and enforcement measures help to protect the integrity and identity of UC Berkeley, while at the same time promoting the University's core mission of teaching, research, and public service. BCBP is committed to protecting the University's trademarks from harm, misuse and infringement.

Request use of a trademark

Submit a Trademark Use Request if you wish to use the University's name, seal, logos, landmarks, and other trademarks in film/television productions, in press releases, ads, or other commercial uses. 

Do I need to trademark?

It depends. In the United States, trademarks are provided “common law” rights and protection. Since many departments, schools, programs, and initiatives include our registered marks such as “University of California Berkeley,” “UC Berkeley,” “Cal” in script, or the Berkeley seal these trademarks are afforded the additional protections available from federal registration.  To see a list of trademarks that have been registered visit our Trademarks page.