Trademark Management

The University has delegated the management of its marks to the Office of Business Contracts and Brand Protection. The purpose of the following guidelines and policy information is to advise internal and external constituents.

The key objectives of Brand Protection's management policy are:

  • To protect and promote UC Berkeley through implementation of a management system that provides the means for consistent, favorable, and professional use of the University’s name and trademarks
  • To fulfill the legal requirement to protect the trademarks
  • To take measures to avoid faulty or inferior products or services bearing the University's name or trademarks

Applicable University of California and Berkeley Policies

The following policies outline the permissible uses and restrictions on the uses of the University of California name and seals, business cards and letterhead, and the Berkeley campus' name, seal, and trademarks. They also identify the appropriate  officials from whom to seek authorization for use or exception.

University of California Use of Name Policy

UCOP Seal Policy

UCOP Letterhead and Business Card Policy

Berkeley Campus Use of Name Policy

Berkeley Campus Online Activities Policy

Labor Practices/Code of Conduct

UC Berkeley requires that any product produced for the University carrying the University's name or other trademarks must be manufactured by a company that is appropriately authorized through the University's licensing program, and is in compliance with the University's Labor Code Standards.

Code of Conduct

Trademark Use Guidelines

Trademark Guidelines and Requirements