Licensing products using Berkeley trademarks

The University of California, Berkeley’s Licensing Program protects and promotes the use of the University’s logos, name, seal, wordmarks, and landmarks. By licensing high quality, ethically sourced products, the Licensing Program works to strengthen and advance the image of the University while creating brand awareness in the retail marketplace. The cornerstone of the Licensing Program is the UC Code of Conduct for trademark licensees, which governs all UC licensees systemwide. 

Why you should use a licensed vendor

In addition to ensuring that the University's name and other trademarks are used appropriately and with permission, the use of licensed vendors also helps to support the University's efforts to be socially responsible.  Licensees are required to comply with the UC Code of Conduct for Trademark Licensees and become members of the Fair Labor Association (FLA).  The FLA monitors compliance to the Code and conducts independent assessments of factories to determine if there are any violations.  By using a licensed vendor, you can do your part to support the rights of workers who are engaged in the manufacture of UC-branded apparel and other goods.

Licensing Process

For information about the University's Licensing Program, including information on making internal purchases through BearBuy, retail licensing information, and Frequently Asked Questions, please visit Cal Athletics, or contact Dan Perkins at