Licensing products using Berkeley trademarks

Our licensing programs regulate, promote, and protect the reputation of the University's name and identifying marks. Exclusively purchasing licensed merchandise displaying the University’s trademarks from licensed vendors means the University receives a royalty from the licensee which goes back to supporting teaching and research activities. 

Why you should use a licensed vendor

In addition to ensuring that the University's name and other trademarks are used appropriately and with permission, the use of licensed vendors also helps to support the University's efforts to be socially responsible.  Licensees are required to comply with the UC Code of Conduct for Trademark Licensees and become members of the Fair Labor Association (FLA).  The FLA monitors compliance to the Code and conducts independent assessments of factories to determine if there are any violations.  By using a licensed vendor, you can do your part to support the rights of workers who are engaged in the manufacture of UC-branded apparel and other goods. 

Current licensee lists, updated monthly, can be found here.

Licensing Process


If you wish to produce or resale merchandise with the University's name, seals, indicia, landmarks, or other trademarks in the U.S. or internationally, please contact the University's retail trademark licensing representative, the Collegiate Licensing Company.  The campus liaison for the retail licensing program is Dan Perkins at



If you are a UC Berkeley student, faculty or staff member who wishes to order a t-shirt, cap, pen or other UC Berkeley-related item for a fundraiser or departmental/group giveaway, you must purchase the item(s) from a licensed manufacturer. 

The following process will assist you with the planning and design, selection and approval of a licensed vendor to produce your promotional item:
  • Review the lists of licensed manufacturers (to the right) if you wish to have items produced for your department, student group, or campus organization.
  • Internal Campus Use: Select a licensed vendor from among the list (to the right) to produce items for internal campus use.  The licensees on the Internal Suppliers list may produce items for internal use but not for sales, such as in fundraising. All and Local Licensees may produce items for internal, promotional use, or resale.  
  • Fundraising: Select a licensed vendor from among theAll and Local Licensees lists to the right to produce items for fundraising.
  • A list of Licensees by Category is also provided to make it easier to select manufacturers based on the types of goods they produce (i.e., headwear, jerseys, infant/toddler, scarves/ties, etc.)
If you have any inquiries about the above process, please contact us at 510.642.9120 or by e-mail at